Line of Sight · 2017 / Steel, 24K leaf gold, 20 x 2 x 25 cm
Comma · 2016 / Blade of a scythe, motor, 100 cm diameter
Exhibition view 'Between Two Dots', 2016 at Gallery Taik Persons
With(IN) · 2016 / Wooden box on metal stand, cardboard cards in size a6, ink, 130 x 101 x 19 cm
Exhibition view 'Between Two Dots', 2016 at Gallery Taik Persons
Three Variations of An Image · 2015 / (with three elements: an old mirror, a daguerrotype from the 1800's and a wooden sculpture)

View from the exhibition 'Interpreting the Frame', curated by Boshko Boskovic, gallery Augusta, 2015, Suomenlinna, FI

1. What We See We Remember I / Original daguerrotype from late 1800’s, United States, 9,7 x 8 cm
2.What We See We Remember II / mirror, 33 x 27 cm
3.Sentiment / Sculpture, wood, 135 x 105 x 20 cm
Assumptions Categorized as Facts 1-6 (detail) · 2014 / Found bookpages, insect needles, insect showcase 40 x 30 cm

/// A serie of six vitrines. Single book pages are presented backwards inside an insect showcase. Only shadows that reflect the actual images of butterflies are visible on the pages that are pinned according to the tradition of butterfly collecting.

Exhibition view, 'Notes on Location' at DEN FRIE Center for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK
Nuija!* · 2016 / Wooden hammer, wood, motor / Building mechanics: G.Rousseau and F. A Davila

*) 'nuija' in Finnish translates into English both as 'a club' and 'an idiot'

Nuija! · 2016
- · 2015 / Cut out book, framed, 38 x 50 cm
Alternative · 2012 / Randomly thrown set of dice photographed and framed inside a wooden box with a door, uv-glass, 29 x 29 x 6 cm